The main pillar of the Accessibility, Inc. platform will be around training and economic empowerment.

Health & Safety:

Our training modules in health and safety will strictly, follow the American Red Cross Model, particularly regarding First Aid and CPR. We shall train to empower young adults with skills of first aid and CPR so they can be helpful during times of emergencies in their communities. We hope to empower them with their first jobs skills in areas like babysitting, caregiving, and nursing assistance.

New Technologies:

Accessibility, Inc. shall undertake the training of young citizens in new technologies and the endless job opportunities that come with modern day technological advancement. The acute shortage in qualified hands in this area, has left thousands of job openings unfilled and is now being considered as a national security threat to the US economy. Our efforts will help curb the temporary fix of importing workers in these key areas as it is being done today that leaves a drain on resources.

English Language Access:

For newcomers to America, this is a contribution that we hope will help alleviate the setbacks and frustration faced by millions of newcomers to America who have no or very little mastery of the English language. Newcomers with no English language background spend long years being unable to reach their full potentials in the USA because of their shortcomings in the English Language. Our efforts will be targeted at providing Basic English Language training that will help newcomers to be able to navigate and gain access to opportunities that otherwise would have been closed to them.

Customer Service:

This will be a blend of our training modules to help our students to be conscious of the importance of customer services in every discipline that they work and hope to succeed in. As we know, customer services cut across all aspects of human endeavor and can make a big difference. This effort is just to confirm that the well-known adage ‘customer is queen’ is still very relevant.