Happy IT holding a modern laptop computer with his team in background
Accessibility, Inc. offers a comprehensive program in IT Training. We cover different competencies for jobs such as computer technicians, troubleshooters, customer service representatives, and more.

In the IT Industry, there are many job opportunities waiting to be filled—you could land your next job as a technician, a customer care representative, or a job in other related careers. Would you like to improve your chances of getting hired? Get trained at Accessibility, Inc.

We currently offer training in the following fields:

Help Desk Technician

Learn how to provide support services for end users of desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other similar devices. We teach you about troubleshooting techniques and other skills that will make you competent in technical support functions.

Customer Service

Customer service is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of any business. Every company needs to pay attention to the customer service aspect of their operations. This especially concerns how they treat their customers, not just from the time a product or service is sold, but also after the sale has taken place and after-sales service is required. There is an uninterrupted stream of customer service job opportunities year after year and it could be your next job. Get trained by professionals who have industry experience and learn about the principles and techniques that will satisfy your future customers.

If you’re interested in joining our IT Training sessions, enroll soon! Contact us for schedules.